About Christopher Wilton-Steer

Christopher is a travel, street and portrait photographer living in London. His professional and personal work take him to remote and under-visited locations across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Through his photography, Christopher is interested in demystifying often misunderstood parts of the world. Ultimately, he wishes for his photographs to encourage others to take the road less travelled and explore, experience and encounter new places, people and cultures.

Christopher's work has been featured in magazines and newspapers around the world. He had his first exhibition at the Institut Française in Antananarivo, Madagascar, in November 2016. Christopher's second exhibition - The Artisans of al-Darb al-Ahmar: Life and Work in Historic Cairo - was exhibited at the London's Royal Geographical Society in April 2018. The same exhibition is was shown at Philanthropy House in Brussels between January and April 2019.